I translate written texts from Italian into English.

By going directly to a professional freelance translator, you can be sure that the same person will do all your translations and enjoy the advantages of a working relationship. I'll learn about your business and learn from any feedback you give me. That helps me to provide just what meets your needs on future occasions. Sometimes it also means that I can send you the translation more quickly.

I am committed to providing translations of the very highest quality without fail, with full confidentiality.

I only translate into English. I can actually write Italian rather well, but I still write it with a "foreign accent". It's usually easy to spot translations into English done by second-language speakers - that's why it's best to choose somebody who translates into his or her first language. Translations that look like Italian may make you laugh, but they can also be ambiguous or incomprehensible, and they won't make a good impression on your potential customers.

I also provide a reliable service. I am easy to get hold of, I meet my deadlines and I'll send you my invoice promptly. Of course these are all things that should go without saying, but my customers have complimented me on them, so I must be getting the customer service side of things right!

I prefer to receive text for translation by email, in an editable format such as Word or Excel, but we can discuss other options if this is a problem.