Good translations aren't cheap - but bad ones can be VERY expensive

If you want to know whether your text is a menu or a list of building materials, then software such as Google Translate can usually tell the difference for free. The problem with computers, though, is that they don't actually understand what a group of words mean, so mistakes often creep in. Another problem is that anything that's fed through online translation software goes into the company's database, so it may no longer be confidential.

If you're planning to sign a contract or issue an annual report it's worth getting a professional translator to translate it for you. Any misunderstandings could be very expensive.

The same goes for marketing materials, such as brochures and websites. Do you want something which will make your potential customers laugh, or something which will make them want to come and stay in your hotel? It's almost always better to use a translator who translates into his or her first language and has a feel for what "sounds best". That's why I only translate into English.

My charges are tailored to the job and to your requirements, which I will discuss with you before making a quotation.